"I worked for 7 years for a large corporate company in a senior management position. My new line manager had been very vocal in the year prior, about how I was not the “right fit” for the business in reviews and in informal chats. I was not given any specifics in terms of what it was I was expected to do differently. I had a clean disciplinary record, 100% attendance and had frequently delivered high performance results. After being emailed to meet both my line manager and HR partner I was asked within that meeting to leave the business, to go home and not return to work whilst I considered taking a 3-month (my notice period) payment. I was instructed to not speak to any of my colleagues or peers. My options to deliberate were to return to work and be managed, where my colleagues would be interviewed to gain information about me and then to be performance managed or to leave. I was advised by my employer to contact an employment lawyer and I did so, explaining to them what had happened. They advised me to accept the 3 month offer as in their experience this was the best I’d get.

Absolutely distraught, I contacted Lisa who listened intently to what had happened, asking questions that were relevant. Through the emotional turmoil I felt I had missed pertinent facts and she immediately demonstrated how thorough she would be. It was this attention to detail amongst many other attributes, that I found both comforting and reassuring and led to the positive outcome. Lisa was hugely encouraging, approachable, competent and ‘on my side’ from the beginning and remained so in all interactions, both face to face and on the phone. Her advice was drawn from her vast experience in dealing with cases that were similar. I was able to contact her as I needed when I was texted, emailed and received formal letters confirming the ‘offer’ from my employer. Lisa always responded quickly to acknowledge my messages and where required for more detailed conversations, a mutually convenient appointment was set and consistently adhered to. I was assisted with constructing responses to communications and essentially how to behave in meetings. Although my employer initially refused to allow me representation in meetings, Lisa supported me in constructing a letter that overturned this decision.

Within face to face meetings with my employer, I was prepared and coached by Lisa with relevant questions to ask and how to manage the meeting. This empowered me to be able to clearly state my terms of exiting the business. Without Lisa giving me the tools that I needed to broach tough subjects, I know that I would have taken the initial offer. Lisa tailored the support she gave to the needs of my personal situation and requirements.

With Lisa supporting me I was able to agree more than double the initial offer to exit the business. I am 100% convinced that had it not been for her calming influence, HR expertise and interpersonal skills in dealing with such a situation I would have not been successful."






"Your prompt advice and support gave me confidence to face things when I didn't know where else to turn. Thank you so much"




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